Adult Coloring & Maze Game Activity Book “Mountains & Molehills”

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Mountains & Molehills by Warren Stokes
Mountains & Molehills by Warren Stokes


Proud to share my new adult coloring and maze game activity book Mountains and Molehills!!! For $10 you can color 25 images and play a 25 level maze game solo or with friends that has thousands of outcomes with only one solution! Good for stress relief and positive inspiration through quotes art!



Maze-ing Fine art you can play!!! Beta Version

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I’m proud to announce that the first version of Maze-ing Earth is being beta tested. After four years of part time development we have a version now that is working and can be played.

What does that mean for my maze-ing art? Any of my 600+  works or future art I draw can now be played on a phone, tablet or pc in a 1 or 2 player game.

The first version is a basic find the way out maze game that can be played with 1 or 2 players.  The final version will be a Maze-ing game featuring 3 different styles where players race against the clock to solve a cube of 6 mazes.

In addition this will allow me to offer my interactive art to many corporate clients in a host of unique applications. Stay tuned for more information and game release dates.


Pre-order your 2016 Maze-ing Astrology Calendars Now!!!!

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Art by Warren Stokes

I’ve decided to pre release my calendar for purchase in hopes of raising funds to buy my stolen art from the state of Colorado at the October 8th auction. Calendars will feature all 12 astrology signs mazed out. Please support my efforts and visit my etsy shop to pre order today for delivery in December!!!


Stokes, W Art Scorpio Calendar

Make sure to check back next week as I will also sell individual prints of the astrological signs by month.


Stolen Art, The state of Colorado robbed me!

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Last week I had 11 pieces of my art and 4 of a partner on consignment at a Colorado Furniture Direct a local furniture store. The owner didn’t pay his taxes and the state of Colorado shut his store down to auction off everything in the store including my art to resolve the owners debt.

I like to think the owner who failed to warn me to come pick up my art was too full of pride rather than a crook who wants to use my art to resolve his debts. However his behavior since has shown crook since he told the state my art was double the price I charged, and has all but refused to purchase my art back.

Regardless my art has been STOLEN and MY only course of action according to the state is to bid on MY own art and hope that I win to get MY art back. And pay $800 of my own money for my art partners loss.

My reason for the post is to share my STOLEN ART exhibition I would appreciate your comments about the art and maybe even how much you would bid.

Proud to announce MILE HIGH MAZE-ING Activity Book

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Maze Art by Warren Stokes
Maze Art by Warren Stokes

Set to publish 6 times a year the free Mile High Maze-ing Activity Book is geared toward relieving stress in adults. The 32 page publication will feature my maze-ing art, riddles, word finds and Sudoku puzzles and distributed free in the Denver Metro area.

Readers will have the opportunity to register to win gift certificates, prizes, and discounts to companies that advertise inside the book.  10 thousand copies will be available for free at several locations in Denver as well as hand to hand in the downtown area!

To advertise in the publication visit the Mile High Maze-ing button under the projects section of this site!

Proud to announce the African American Maze-ing Art Leadership Program. (LEADERS)

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Local maze artist Warren Stokes whose art has been published in the Westword, literary magazines and completed art for clients Denver Health and the Washington Redskins presents the Maze-ing Art Leadership program.

Open to African American males ages 12-17. During this summer art program students will participate in creating art, learning entrepreneurship, as well as the skills required to be a leader.

Starting in June the group will meet once a week at the Eloise May library or art location throughout Denver.  The program will end with a group exhibition and silent auction for students to sell their art.

If you want to participate in this unique art program please visit to register. Be aware space is limited to 15 students and filling up fast!

Students will :

  •  Create art
  • 20 class sessions
  • Learn leadership, goal setting and action planning
  •  Visit several of Denver’s inspirational art locations
  •  Plan art show
  •  Host a exhibition and silent auction of their art

To register fill out the form below.

Warren Stokes to appear in Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal

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maze 155

I wanted to thank the staff at the Western New Mexico University’s literary art journal the Twisted Vine.  The journal will be showcasing my art mazes in the next edition of the journal.

The Twisted Vine can be viewed at Thanks again for the confidence to achieve my goals and motivate me to continue my work!

Warren Stokes to Appear in the The Insomniac Propagandist

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I would like to thank the staff at The Insomniac Propgandist for believing in my art and using my work to showcase in Volume II of their literary art journal.  Soon to be released check them out at

In my quest to share my art and mazes with people outside of Colorado their choice to use my art gives me confidence and the exposure to reach my artistic goals.

New Partnership!!!

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For the past few years I have been applying for public art projects, only to be rejected a few 100 times. I feel I was turned down not because of art but my lack of public art/free standing object experience.

About two years ago I started look for an artist who has experience with public art experience.  I’m proud to announce after an extensive search I’ve partnered with sculpture and welder Wayne Collins.


Wayne not only brings the ability to bring my ideas to the world of steel but brings more than 15 years experience in iron work and fabrication!

With our mutual love for art look for Wayne and I to maze out the public art community on a nationwide level in 2015!!! STAY TUNED in the new year!!!

Westword magazine Interview!

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Thanks again to the Westword for their efforts to keep art relvant and the artists in Denver known!

View the article here: