Local maze artist Warren Stokes whose art has been published in the Westword, literary magazines and completed art for clients Denver Health and the Washington Redskins presents the Maze-ing Art Leadership program.

Open to African American males ages 12-17. Students will focus on  creating art, learning entrepreneurship, while developing their leadership skills.

Starting in June the group will meet once a week at the Eloise May library or art location throughout Denver.  The program will end with a group exhibition and silent auction for students to sell their art.

Students will :

  •  Create art
  • 20 class sessions
  • Learn leadership, goal setting and action planning
  •  Visit several of Denver’s inspirational art locations
  •  Plan their own art show
  •  Host a exhibition and silent auction of their art

If you want to participate in this unique art program please fill out the contact form below. Space is limited to 15 students!

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