Stolen Art, The state of Colorado robbed me!

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Last week I had 11 pieces of my art and 4 of a partner on consignment at a Colorado Furniture Direct a local furniture store. The owner didn’t pay his taxes and the state of Colorado shut his store down to auction off everything in the store including my art to resolve the owners debt.

I like to think the owner who failed to warn me to come pick up my art was too full of pride rather than a crook who wants to use my art to resolve his debts. However his behavior since has shown crook since he told the state my art was double the price I charged, and has all but refused to purchase my art back.

Regardless my art has been STOLEN and MY only course of action according to the state is to bid on MY own art and hope that I win to get MY art back. And pay $800 of my own money for my art partners loss.

My reason for the post is to share my STOLEN ART exhibition I would appreciate your comments about the art and maybe even how much you would bid.